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Framed Wood Slice Mini Christmas Tree

This framed wood slice mini Christmas tree is the perfect rustic Christmas decoration. It is so easy to make and it adds a beautiful look to any …

Framed Wood Slice Mini Christmas Tree
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Diaper rose

Started with the diapers, putting a corner up and a piece of tulle in front, keep putting diapers around till you can’t hold anymore, then put an elastic.
Once you have a nice looking center with the corners up and tulle showing for color, put on a bigger elastic or type with string.
Pull out the tulle to a long piece, it sticks to the diapers, with another on top, then place your center on , holding the piece of tulle and roll, then the tight.
Do as many lines as diapers as you need.
I placed it inside the nursing pillow and folded down the outside edge.