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Millionaires Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Myla Pettiford Founder & Owner of: Amiableempath Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life and Food & Drink Writer Hello everyone!! Down below is a list for you to tell if someone is actually into you or not. 1) Pay attention to when they call or text. If it is always after midnight […]

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Oh today I am all about someday!

I want, to have half less stuff, to continue having this wonderful man in my life, to have my health get better or at least not get worse.  I want to also come up with a stable income next to my child support, so when someday comes that the house is built enough to live in , we can move in and me not feel like I don’t contribute enough to pull my son’s and my weight.

Even thou cook, housekeeper, and companion is worth something!!! Maybe I should figure out how much that would be worth. lol. oh boy.

Someday my dreams will come true. I already feel like I have met my soul mate even if it has been only 6 weeks.

It’s amazing how much motivation finding someone who gets you can be.

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And then he kissed me……

I have been through more then I feel I deserve and more than most could handle. I do believe everything happens for a reason but our lives are what we make of them. Some of you have been with me through enough to know what I mean. I am not sure if I have ever really known love, not motherly, not friendly but true knock your socks off love. 

In the beginning… lol. Had to do it… anyway. We all think in the first few months of a new relationship that they could be the one, we are soooo in love. Then for most people reality sets in and u still like what you have or not. 

Maybe it is when u least expect it. Maybe it is when u stop looking. Maybe, who knows. 

I knew him years ago when I dated his cousin. We started messaging back and forth, I wasn’t going to let him in. I was happy having a new friend to talk to. I cleaned out my friends sometime ago. 

I have been going on and on about changing myself for the better in the last what, 6 months or so, we have been Back, Forward and Back Again. I have been not only decluttering in my house but myself as well. I have had setbacks, was robbed, depressed, and then the holidays. 

Out of it I kept thinking, new years will b the start. I will start again on new years. I said, I am taking the jump and changing things. If u stay safe inside and not try anything, well, u don’t know what you could be missing.

I finally decided, it was time to take some chances. 

He said he would pick me up at 5. 

I have to admit I am doing the Googly eyed , swooning over his every word, can he be real, thing. Does he have a playbook on me or something? How does he know the right answers, he brought roses???, (wow). It’s only been 3 days. 3 DAYS!


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Rapping Doctor

You don’t have to download an app or sign up anywere, just click the link and get his mixed tape. My son will be the rapping dr. He’s in cna courses now but he has high ambition for medical school. I know rap isn’t my thing but I would appreciate you listening just to hear his voice. The more people that listen, even if u delete after it will still help his numbers. Thank you. Give small town kids a chance!!!

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Check this…….


Use this link to get 20% of your first order. I love this site. Everything I have got looks brand new and some even has tags still on it! I just got a Tommy Hilfiger sweater for my son for Xmas for 6.00 with the tags still on it!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!

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The Broken Ball: Learning to Let Go (3 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Johnny Mack Founder & Owner of: Truth in Fiction Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living and Writing Writer Imagine a woman standing in the middle of a white room. There is nothing around her; no furnishings or decor, no doors or windows. Just a solitary woman standing in the middle of a […]

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Echo , Daily Post

I feel as if my life is an Echo, I just keep doing the same things over and over. The people in my life, some anyway, are a poison running through my veins sucking the slowly destroying my life , my health, my family.

The true meaning of insane is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

I have no choice, some of these people I have to have in my life. It’s not an option.

So as I listen to the words that the actions speak differently, I have to learn to not care….. How do u not care when someone lies to your face, thinks you are stupid enough to believe it, or just doesn’t care if you believe it?

People like this are a toxin in your blood stream. It causes so many problems, mental and physical.

Echo, repetition, echo….my life.

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 “Imagine how powerful and how visible our world would change if everyone kept just one more promise each day, week, month, or year.” – Manish

Although I may not know who he is, he has a point.

My Challenge, should you choose to except it, 

Do one thing extra, everyday till Xmas to help someone, keep a promise or just do that thing you said you would do and haven’t done it yet????

I do it, Because I Said I Would……

Now of course I have no way to keep track or check to see who’s actually doing it but, I figure I will post what I did that day, and you can comment with yours!!!! 

So, Is anyone up for the challenge????

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Forgive for Good

By Dr. Fred Luskin

         The Nine Steps

1. Know exactly how you feel, figure out what about the situation was not ok and then talk to a couple trusted people.

2. Make a commitment to yourself to feel better. Forgiveness is for you and no one else.

3. Forgiving is not saying it is ok to do or treat me like this and it does not mean continuing your relationship with that person. Forgiveness is taking things less personal and being less offended by them by seeking peace and understanding.

4. Recognize you are upset because of how you feel now not how you felt when you were hurt when it happened.

5. When you feel upset, practice stress management to soothe the fight or flight response.

6. Remember, you can only hope for health, love and prosperity. You can work hard to get them but people do not have to give them to you and you can not force it. If you expect them you can easily be disappointed and suffer.

7. Try other ways to reach your goals instead of continuing the way you were hurt.

8. Remember having a life well lived is your best revenge. If you focus on the pain they caused, you give them the power over you. Focus on the love, beauty and kindness you have in your life instead of what you don’t have. 

9. Look at your past and remember your choice to forgive.

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The Daily Post Prompts…..


We are just tiny specks in a much larger dust pile.  Or

I have only a tiny amount of energy or insperation to clean and declutter today. I started in the kitchen, the best room already, now that I am almost done I am procrastinating on the next challenge. 

I try to remember something I read once in a very old medical book about depression, it said being depressed was just being selfish. Ya, old book. It stated sitting around saying poor me is just being selfish so get up and deal with it. Not word for word but you get the point. I am hoping I will find it as I unclutter and then can be more accurate.  So, I will stop rambling and get up.