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Everything’s a Quote!

I just want to express my frustration, seems everything I do is a quote .

I use my app and it is outdated, deleted and reinstalled, nope still the same. If I go to the site on a browser then I have my updated categories and things , I have continued to battle this but I realize at the moment the site looks horrible so,

I’m sorry!!!!

Please bare with me.


Thank you.


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Create a Lovely Set of Seashell Golden Glow Necklaces — Imagine Blog

by Roni Johnson It’s fun to walk along the beach and pick up the shells that have washed ashore. It’s even more fun to take those shells and create a lovely piece of jewelry to hold those fond summer memories for months and years to come. Skill: Intermediate Time: 3 hours + dry time […]

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If I looked back a few years or more the person you would see would not be me. From physical, mental and emotional abused relationships always with narcissist men , to realizing I needed to change myself for my kids sake and then the journey back to being at peace( mostly) with my self, I have come a long way. I still think of the years I spent hiding inside my safety of home and letting life just slip by. I wasted years and years like that. I still would rather be in my house but I love myself now so it’s different. It’s not easy asking for help, getting into therapy and staying with it but I know with out a doubt it saved me. I still deal with narcissist people, and I try to remember they really are not doing it intentionally, or don’t even realize they are but it is not easy.

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Unused Vertical space is a great way to store more while taking less of your valuable tablespace. You can store double the craft supplies by going up, instead of out! My craft studio is a shed, so I have very limited space when it comes to storing my massive craft supply collection. I’ve found Vertical […]

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William James said “Things are not as they are, but as we are.” We really do see differently from anyone else. Every moment is seen from our perspective and that’s a great thing. From our perspective, we are the center of our world and from that center, we have the power to choose how we see anything. The gift of freedom to perceive is priceless! It’s the key to being happy


We did it

David and I got married!!!

I am now officially Mrs David Bernier!!!

I am so used to being the photographer everywhere that it is weird for me to not have any photos yet but my son and step dad went crazy with there cameras and I will have some to share.

Have a whole lot of tips and tricks to getting married with it just as you want for 1,000!!

Takes more work on ur end but completely doable!

Going to need another day to recoup then I will be back

The now, Tracey Lee Bernier

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Tom & Jenny’s free candy


Tom & Jenny’s Candy are sugar-free caramels perfected by a James Beard pastry chef.

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This offer is only valid for residents of: United States

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Millionaires Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Myla Pettiford Founder & Owner of: Amiableempath Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life and Food & Drink Writer Hello everyone!! Down below is a list for you to tell if someone is actually into you or not. 1) Pay attention to when they call or text. If it is always after midnight […]

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