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Movie, 6 Days

When armed gunmen seize the Iranian Embassy in 1980 , a tense 6 day standoff ensues while elite British soldiers prepare for a dangerous raid to save the many hostages inside.

This true story movie came out in 2017 and stars Mark Strong, Abbie Cornish, and Jamie Bell.

The movie was very good playing out the most important parts of those 6 days and tells how to this day some of the same tactics are still used in similar situations. While these terrorist are people, human beings, with the best of intentions and honorable causes , they chose the wrong way to get the worlds attention. I try to see from their side and although could never actually understand what they go through living in Iran , can understand how they may feel the need for the rest of the world to know their cause.

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Sure your my son???


My amazing son is turning 19 on May 14. Jacob has been following his dreams and reaching for the stars. He has donated his birthday to make a wish foundation. This is his message::
When I was younger, my mother gave our family everything we wanted whether or not she could afford it. Some people out there don’t have that same luxury, some don’t have enough money to put food on the table for their families or to give their children nice things. It’s unfortunate that allot more suffer from this than me or anyone should feel comfortable with. I want to dedicate my birthday to giving back to others, to helping people who can’t help themselves, we all have the opportunity to change somebody’s life and all it takes is a small donation of $20. That $20 could feed a child, or save a family from the streets, or put clothes on somebody’s back. You can make a difference, all you have to do is try.

Help make a wish!!!!!

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