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My first paid project was a sign for a friends growing business, I am so glad it is finally done! Never have I been so stressed out and made so many mistakes!

The font she chose was a writing font not a cutting font and after being blown up it looked horrible.

She wanted to get rid of the blotchiness and I had to delete each little piece individually! Then it didn’t have capital letters so I made those, I had to wait for my husband to get the wood ready and first he wanted me to use a white plastic type wood that wood last very well, but it had lines on the other side and I needed both sides so we went back to plywood. The words are curved and working with a lot larger of an area than I am used to , I put it on crooked the first time! Ugh! After using less sticky contact paper and another set of hands I got the other side on straight. I adjusted the size of cameras to compensate for it being more spread out than the original design. Now I realize it’s not straight on but , can you tell the difference?