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Just on a date!!

Now I noticed it said the couple was charged!?, I find that to be completely unreasonable, they should have gotten a whole page apology in the paper!

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Love Vipon!!!!

I am cheap! I don’t deny it! Lol When I starting using this discount site it was called something else and you had to do reviews of all the things you bought. Now you don’t and it has been changed to Vipon

Click here to get some sweet deals like this :

See, that’s the real thing!!

I love that EVERYTHING is through Amazon ! You are not buying from some place you don’t know and if anything happened you can get your money back!!! Last I looked it said I had saved over 200.00!!!! Yes Please!!

Can’t keep all the goodness for myself so Shop on People!!!!!!

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Help the kids with postcards!!

My beautiful little niece lives in Avon Connecticut and her class is doing a project to see if they can collect postcards from around the world!! Anyone willing to send a postcard from home would be majorly appreciated and shared on my page. Used ones can just be written on or new is good as well. Apparently this has been a month going and they have only a few from other states so I’m calling for help!!!

Send the to Tracey Bernier

165 River rd Benton Maine 04901

And I will forward them to my niece!!!

One small thing will help a child and classmates accomplish a great project!!!!

Thank you 🙏

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Shipping from China

I have had 3 orders (get lost) so far in the last couple weeks, each was to be shipped from China, each provide a tracking number and each tracking number says, shipment prepared by seller then out to a facility. Then that is it! One item has been supposedly sitting in that place for 13 days, another for 18 days???? Different facility, different town name , that’s it??? I have never had this happen to me before! Maybe one or two in the shopping season but not like this, not at all like this.