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Live Edge Accent Wall

My husband and I decided to do a live edge accent wall in the living room, we did it like a big puzzle, I haven’t decided what oil I want to use as a finish or how flat I want I want the look to be but, after lots of cutting and rearranging, this is the result.

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My step son from my first marriage is an alcoholic. He hit his bottom and spend 6 months in jail. Now he is here living with us as he begins his journey of sobriety, becomes a better man and father , to find his inner strength to fight the girl who devastated him from the inside out and then took his kids away from him. This is not just him riding on it all but his kids as well.

At the same time my husband and I struggle to support four people, two vehicles and a house on just his income and my raising medical co pays.

The dr has been trying to change my medications to lower the amounts and help me with my complete lack of vocabulary, inability to think and articulate and organize, and so on and so on. The motivation is the only good thing come out of it so far.


He moved some things, scraping sounds came up through the floors, then I heard some clicks and noises I did not recognize. Then came sounds I love to hear, and to my surprise my hubby had made himself a little music studio in our ever so small basement. Hearing him sings makes my heart sing along. I love his voice. He told me I had better not post this up since you can see how horrible the basement is but, it’s a basement!!! Lol

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My heart is on fire with grief, guilt is taking over, my responsibility to my loved ones who counted on me has been betrayed. I opened the door, I let my beautiful girl outside at night and then left her out side when I went to bed. I killed my best friend. My precious girl, she was an angel, she was the most well behaved animal I have even had the pleasure of meeting. She didn’t get up on things or rip things, she never ever not used her litter box. She was very simple and happy. She deserved so much better. She was only 7. I can not forgive God anymore, he has taken so much from me, I don’t need to be stronger! I don’t need to endure anymore great pain! I have had so much pain in my life. I mean, cmon, my Adrenal Glands were so over used by the time I hit my 20 that they quit at 22! Not deformed or any other reason, they were just exhausted! I understand a lot of the things that have happened in my life and I even understand the reason behind them and I did need to learn to be stronger and I was. But I have lived through it, I beat the pain, I saved myself and my kids from all the abuse and I made myself into the person I am now. I beat cancer. I have over come and have my rewards for my troubles. I have the most perfect man for me that could ever be, we have our quirky house, and we have our boys. Yes, his ex is still mentally and emotionally abusing his two and my grandkids are in a horrible situation but we are dealing, Day by day. How could anyone possibly thing I didn’t still need her! How could anyone think I could just get up and move on with out my shadow? She has been next to me every day since she could walk. She was my sunshine, my happiness and my baby.

Myah May Lee August 2011-August 2018

WhaT is all this about August? She was born and then God took my only 2 best friends ever in August?

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by Roni Johnson It’s fun to walk along the beach and pick up the shells that have washed ashore. It’s even more fun to take those shells and create a lovely piece of jewelry to hold those fond summer memories for months and years to come. Skill: Intermediate Time: 3 hours + dry time […]

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Help Maine

oppose Central Maine Power’s (CMP’s) proposal to build a 145-mile transmission line from the Québec-Maine border to Lewiston because it would harm Maine forests and wildlife, suppress Maine’s renewable energy industry, and could actually increase climate change emissions, all without any clear benefit to Maine or Massachusetts.

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Rosebreasted Grosbeak

The reason behind it being called”rose breasted” escapes me since it is clearly Red. This mr grosbeak was not enjoying the wind so much on this day but I thanked his feathers being all ruffled up gives him a bigger look than what he really is, still one of the many beauties enjoying my bird area.

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Tragedy in Maine

One of our beloved heroes was killed while on active duty,

A Somerset County Sheriff’s corporal has been shot and killed in Norridgewock, according to the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office. He was a 13 year veteran and his son is also a part of the Somerset County Sheriff department. He was a well known and well loved member of his community.

Maine State Police say between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. Wednesday, Somerset County Sheriff’s Corporal Eugene Cole was shot and killed in Norridgewock.

The suspect then stole the officers cruiser and used it to rob a Cumberland Farms store.

Shortly after 5 a.m., police say the cruiser was located off of the Martin Stream Road in Norridgewock.

That particular road leads in so many directions, one being here to my home, that the police have had to spread out across the state in search.

An active manhunt is underway for the suspect, who is considered armed and dangerous. It has been said John Williams was a very active drug user and gun collector. His Facebook page was filled with end of the world conversations.

The last time a Maine officer was shot and killed in the line of duty was 29 years ago on March 31, 1989.

This sort of things don’t happen to us here in Maine. It has shook the whole state.

please keep in mind, a person on drugs killed our hero, not the gun itself.

Our hearts and prayers are with his family as well as our active officers seeking the suspect.

Rest In Peace Maine hero