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Evil Step-Mother???

There is nothing more frustrating than a narcissistic alcoholic who will not admit to anything, take blame for anything, or even try to cooperate.

She just says “you are nothing but an evil step- mother, you don’t know anything and I feel bad for my son that he has to live with you. “

Well, ok. We took the boy, he is 13 and finally opened up to us that she would hit him when she got drunk. We knew she was mentally and emotionally abusive but that’s not enough for the courts to do anything. This last time they moved him to live with us, no visiting unless he wants to, he only has to talk to her once a week for an hour, or twice for half hour, etc, etc.

I have manipulated him, I abuse him, I force him to do this and that, tell him what to say and not say to his mother, it just goes on and on.

My question is how long do we have to deal with her constant abuse and slander before we can say it’s enough?

She literally can convince herself things did not happen or that we did them not her? There is no reasoning with her, there is no casual conversations, everything has to be a fight.

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I am terrified

I have two biological boys, one is in college and the other is 16 , Branden, and lives at home with me and David. I have always counted on him to be the responsible one, he was the common sense of the two, I sent him with his older brother and friends so I knew they would be safe. He is polite, empathetic and cares for everyone. The only things I have ever been able to complain about with him has been his grades in school and his inability to keep his room clean. I know I caused most of his cleaning issues myself by getting tired of waiting or thinking he was doing something wrong, and doing it myself. I also know I always just pushed them to pass, not to do their best, I know everything we do and say to our kids or in front of our kids forms the adult they become.

Today I was hit with seeing my son was high. He had three friends over, I know they do not have the option to hang out other than school together, my son NEVER asks for anything, literally he has to think for days to tell me birthday and Xmas things he wants, so when he does ask I usually say yes, hence the three boys over. He openly told me one of them smokes pot and asked me if I would tell him he could not be friends with him, we had a discussion on pot then. No , his friend does not offer it to him, no , he is not stupid he saw what it did to his brother, he would not get in a car with someone but call me instead, etc, etc, etc. All the same things he has said most of his life. Then he went outside with his friends later that day and got high.

I am feeling so many things and I have a ball of emotions growing bigger by the minute growing inside my gut. I know teens try drugs , usually though it is because they are either , trying to fit in or because they are unhappy and it is a release.

I feel betrayed like I do not even know him, I feel lied to and played like a piano. I have the pamphlets and all the information on how to talk to your kids about drugs and how to tell if your child is high and so on, but , none of them prepared me for this.

I feel lost, I do not know how to handle this.

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Gifted and talented!

This is for my 11 year old step son, the one out of two that doesn’t totally hate me, he is gifted and talented in school, above average smarts of course, but, is made fun of and teased for things. Target for bullies, mom favors his brother, he has had it rough for awhile now, this is his you tube channel and even if you don’t ever watch videos, can you please subscribe??? Please? He started a gamer channel two years ago and even thou he knows it won’t go huge or get famous, he still hopes for more than what he has. His self esteem is very low right now and you don’t have to watch them, I have the notifications turned off for all my you tube stuff so when I want to look for stuff I don’t have a bunch of notifications I have to clear first. It would be your good deed for the day!! Lol it has been months since he has had a new subscriber so he is getting a little doubtful. Please help me bring up his faith again. Thank you

Blessed Be.

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My step son from my first marriage is an alcoholic. He hit his bottom and spend 6 months in jail. Now he is here living with us as he begins his journey of sobriety, becomes a better man and father , to find his inner strength to fight the girl who devastated him from the inside out and then took his kids away from him. This is not just him riding on it all but his kids as well.

At the same time my husband and I struggle to support four people, two vehicles and a house on just his income and my raising medical co pays.

The dr has been trying to change my medications to lower the amounts and help me with my complete lack of vocabulary, inability to think and articulate and organize, and so on and so on. The motivation is the only good thing come out of it so far.

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Why is this bothering me so much??

quick summary, 8 years ago I found my ex step son on Facebook, invited him to meet his brother and then into our home and back to my heart. He called me mom, his kids call me Grammie, I knew how horribly he had been raised and how hard his life had been for him. Doing what I could for him and trying to help him was really hard, his narcissistic ways made it impossible to get him to see things different. He’s been in and out of trouble, and was arrested again last Friday for stealing cars. The part that is bothering me is the woman who he had been staying with for the past idk, 6 months is calling him her son. She has known him since birth, but I don’t know how much of his life she has been in, she has been the one in contact with the law since he was living with her and they all think she is mom, I told her I was upset finding out about him almost 24 hours after and not by her,that I felt pushed to the sidelines and that it bothered me she was calling him son, but it didn’t matter even if she said sorry and said it wasn’t like that but then still kept me in the dark about what she knew and then on Facebook she is posting how much she misses him and it’s all her son…..

this is not supposed to be about me, I have no legal right to call him son, so why is it bothering me so much that she is?

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Puppy love!

My son is 15 and has his first real girlfriend, I am terrified!! He is extremely sensitive and when something happens it will be like a wall hitting him. I could hope they r a rarity and stay together forever but, one in a million there! It is the one month anniversary and he wanted to get her something, he got all these and brought them home and asked me to put the flowers into a bouquet for him , I had a vase I could use so I came up with this. I am bringing it to his school for him at lunch time but the school said it has to stay in the office till she leaves school. He will have to bring her to see it at the office. It’s cute and sweet and I’m proud of him!! 🤗🤗

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Never will I be ready to watch you leave. The day you arrived was the day my life truly began. Never could I have imagined my boy would grow to such a wonderful young man, never because I doubted you but in doubt of myself. I am so proud of my son. At 19 he has the next 12 years planned out. God willing they will go as such, I loved having him home with us for the 4th and as usual breaks my heart when he leaves. My son, pre-med. 

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Sure your my son???


My amazing son is turning 19 on May 14. Jacob has been following his dreams and reaching for the stars. He has donated his birthday to make a wish foundation. This is his message::
When I was younger, my mother gave our family everything we wanted whether or not she could afford it. Some people out there don’t have that same luxury, some don’t have enough money to put food on the table for their families or to give their children nice things. It’s unfortunate that allot more suffer from this than me or anyone should feel comfortable with. I want to dedicate my birthday to giving back to others, to helping people who can’t help themselves, we all have the opportunity to change somebody’s life and all it takes is a small donation of $20. That $20 could feed a child, or save a family from the streets, or put clothes on somebody’s back. You can make a difference, all you have to do is try.

Help make a wish!!!!!