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Part 2

It’s hard to figure out what to tell to help imagine who you are and how u got there, 

Could be from when I was a tween, the first time crying over a boy and ran to my mother, when she realized what it was about she harshly said oh you will get over it and walked away….did that say to me that my feelings were not important.? Yes I think so.

Our house burned two weeks before my son’s first birthday. I got the abusive man part but then spent eight years with one emotionally unavailable and mentally abusive. I was an extreme extrovert before and now, I go days or weeks without leaving my house. I am an extreme introvert. I shy from people. I do not like the way I look but can not do to much to change it. I attract narcissistic people and I let them use me for whatever. I need to change me. 


4 thoughts on “Part 2

  1. You are writing so well Tracey. You are on the right way, when you know, which people to avoid and not with to attract in your life. To recognize this is first step to go on and learn yourself to know, so you will attract people, as are more like-minded and not abusive.
    Narcissistic people are only to avoid, they don’t do good for others than themselves, I have been there too.

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