my thoughts, Parents

2 years and a huge win

I have talked about my husband, his kids and ex wife before. Horrible human being, major parental alienation, narcissistic alcoholic, daddy money spoiled like crazy, that about sums that up, now that you are caught up,

I started helping my husband stand up to her when we met, when we went to court to ask for more time with them it was decided he should do therapy with them to see about fixing his relationship with them. His younger son actually is great, no fixing needed but his older boy hates him cause of mom. She refused to allow him in with the therapist alone, he is 15. Every one step forward and mom brought him two steps back.

With child support changes they were in and out of court and finally my husband put his foot down and said I have asked for two years and I want it done. We had to go to trial because she refused everything. He told the judge, we have shared custody but she makes all the rules, I see my son 54 out of 365 days a year!

We got everything we asked for!! We won! We had to wait a week for it to come by mail but we WON!! She had a lawyer even , we did not. We didn’t get to use all the parental alienation proof we had but we still won.

Christmas came early!!!

Bless all the children


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