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Breast cancer tradition

Yup, you read it right, tradition.

My grandmother had it, it may go beyond her but I’m not sure so, and her sister has it. Then my mother has been diagnosed, after 3 surgeries she has been told She has to have her whole right breast removed.

The thought of loosing the very thing that makes you a woman can be quite traumatic. Some woman can easily let it go but some feel they will be less of a woman after.

My family does not speak of feelings or emotions. My uncle says we are not lovey dovey. I don’t think decision is a bad thing, communication is key in all marriage and relationships, so shouldn’t it be in families?

To this day I don’t know why my family turned from me 20 years ago but at this point swallowing it and opening the lines of communication is all I can do. My older brother spoke to me for the first time at my grandmothers funeral last month. I hugged him , told him I missed him and loved him. Small steps my husband says, small steps.

So now every female in our family line has had Breast cancer. The fact that my mother called me to tell me and make sure I had my mammogram almost made me cry.

Silver lining , my mother also has MS and the chemo helps that.



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